Autour de Barbara, September 20, 2019

The Georges Hostel proposes, Friday, September 20 at 7:30 pm, an evening “Around Barbara”.

With covers of the brunette’s songs and an evocation of the aesthetic and human encounters that marked her life as an artist and a woman. With pleasure and seriousness too, because Barbara was a joyful, lively, cheerful woman, who had a sensitive and lucid look at the world.

– Martine Bousquet reincarnates and literally extends the singer, in her voice, her intonation, her body language,

– Hervé Tirefort at the keyboard brings to life, through his talent as an imitator, the artists “invited” to this evening and who, all of them, met Barbara ;

– Pascal d’Ougy, accordionist, Barbara’s expert connoisseur, wraps her subtle melodies Amis de la Chanson Française in lace, in your diaries.

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Trio On Joue - October 4, 2019

“On joue” is a trio with eclectic cover styles (Folk, rock, pop, blues, jazz). With Ricarda on vocals and guitar, Nicolas on bass and Malik on guitar.